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Maritime Transportation

The key element in every multimodal transport is Maritime transportation. All kinds of cargoes are coordinated by Grabber S.A., with a detailed follow up of every shipment in all stages. Our experienced Maritime Cargo Department will offer the best alternatives to reduce costs, providing the best service in the market. Definitely the best combination: experience in fees negotiation as well as global solutions taking into account each customer’s requirements.

Goods Insurance

We act as Insurance brokers for one of the country’s most outstanding Insurance Companies, covering different national and international transportation risks. Grabber S.A coordinates the whole freight coverage, from origin to destination, from the exporter’s plant to the importer’s warehouse. Our Commercial Department will suggest the most convenient coverage taking into account the possible risks the load will be exposed to during the entire transit.


Service developed through our Operations Department, specialized in multimodal transportation, working as coordinator of the whole operation in all its different stages. Our Commercial Department has the ability and capacity to combine most efficiently, different means of transport: air, maritime, freight and land, so that your cargo reaches its destination in the fastest and most economical way.

Land Transportation

The kind of land transportation to use will be determined by the nature of each cargo. Grabber S.A. provides services for general cargoes, liquids, bulk cargoes, containers and special cargoes. Through strategic alliances with well-known national and international land transportation companies, we have at our disposal units with different characteristics, which are all used by our customers.

Warehouse & Stuffing service

We can offer warehouse for your cargo and our people are trained to assist you with any inquiries regarding stuffing cargo…
A proper stuffing is paramount to safe guard the cargo eluding the various strains which may occur during the transportation, without any claims of extra costs, and final customer satisfaction.

Air Transportation

Supported by one of the largest worldwide network of agents and partnering with major Airlines, Grabber S.A. is one of the most efficient companies in this kind of cargoes.

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